60% of  ‘Steplines’ business activity is demonstrated in the ‘Door to Door’ principle of the container deliveries.

At present, there are more than 1,500 containers delivered by us each year.

We use the following transit ports depending on the task and the final destination:
-    Riga;
-    Klaipeda;
-    Tallinn;
-    Kotka;
-    Hamina;
-    Paldisk;
-    Bremerhaven;
-    Antwerp.


The scheme below is showing our main directions for the deliveries of the whole containers and cargoes:




We also offer the deliveries from another end of the above scheme, from the countries of CIS to any point of the world.

The delivery of the goods can always be organised by the variety of different methods and routes. We will find the best option considering all the aspects of delivery; conditions and your priorities in order to save your time and money.

We can help you to calculate the optimal variant of the delivery, taking into the account all of the nuances, details and requirements


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